A Chat Bot by Any Other Name…

Dec 13, 2016

Chat Bots, Machine Learning, Human-Assisted Virtual Assistants, Expression Language, and Keywords: what an interesting bouquet of roses we have! Each smells sweet, but has its own particular thorns.
Keep in mind these technologies represent …

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Millennials, FI Providers, and Texting

Oct 28, 2016

I’m at the Money 20/20 show in Las Vegas this week and it has been interesting how the topic of millennials and how to engage with them keeps coming up. This year OpenMarket has …

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Is It Time to Consider Doing the Hustle?

Oct 4, 2016

In the United States, businesses are required to collect the consent from the mobile phone owner before they attempt to send text messages to him or her. The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has …

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Things You Might Not Know About Emojis

Sep 2, 2016

I have emojis on my mind so I thought I’d share some interesting tidbits on the topic of emojis and how they complement other forms of communications. As background, here is a reminder of …

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Why Gender Diversity in the Workplace is Important to Me

Jul 27, 2016

I’ve spent most of my career working in software program and product management positions at high tech companies in Seattle. I can honestly say that working at OpenMarket …

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