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Why do leaders in Emergency and Mass Notification Services trust OpenMarket as their mobile messaging partner?

The OpenMarket Promise.

Domain Expertise

We simplify the mobile ecosystem by providing expertise and technical support in solutions design, regulatory compliance and best practices.


Service Flexibility

Our SaaS-based solutions support a wide variety and growing number of enterprise use cases for both customer and employee engagement.


Demonstrated Performance and Reliability

Our high availability, operational expertise and industry-leading SLAs allow our customers to trust us with their mobile messaging business.

Global Scale

Our ability to reach mobile users around the world and to navigate the labyrinth of mobile networks has earned us the trust of some of the world’s largest and most well known enterprises.


Corporate Maturity

Our 15 years of experience in mobile messaging, our financial stability and mature business practices, and our data security and privacy policies combine to minimize risk and optimize ROI.

How do you want to use mobile messaging?