Forrester White Paper: The Rise of Holistic Mobile Engagement

There is a fundamental shift in the way we communicate. Over the past 50 years, the opportunities for more personalized and convenient interaction have grown. But it’s easier said than done, taking advantage of the engagement opportunities mobile devices provide requires an understanding of new technologies, device platforms, communication patterns and requires significant changes to existing infrastructure, processes and skills.

New research shows that while customer engagement is a top priority in the mobile channel, companies are struggling to balance their investments in mobile with the speed required to meet customers’ expectations.

OpenMarket commissioned a survey of leading enterprises on how they interact with the mobile channel. This August 2013 study, entitled “The Rise of Holistic Mobile Engagement” was conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of OpenMarket. The findings revealed that enterprises are rethinking their communications strategies to include a well-coordinated, holistic mobile engagement approach.

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