Mobile Fundraising for Charities

With the rise in mobile messaging, SMS is the one of the most ubiquitous technologies around the globe. In fact, almost everyone with a feature or smartphone has interacted with a text message. And with the next generation of charitable givers texting more than talking, there’s never been a better time for non-profits and charitable organizations to mobilize their fundraising practices.

Mobile Giving: More than a One-time Donation

While an event-driven mobile giving campaign can yield great results, most donations are made on impulse. The challenge is to convert one-time donors into long-term contributors. By utilizing multiple messaging channels such as SMS and MMS, you can effectively engage—and maintain―sustaining support for your cause. Mobile giving can be much more than text-based donations. It allows you to:

  • Support giving channels specific to a region or country
  • Target potential donors by location, activity or interest
  • Quickly broadcast a fundraising campaign for a specific event or cause
  • Design innovative campaigns with multiple touch points, interactions and experiences
  • Follow up with donors about fundraising outcomes and successes

Expand Your Reach
6 billion phone users worldwide.

Tap the Trend
$60 million has been donated to more than 1,000 programs via mobile.

Communicate Effectively
Text messaging has a 99% open rate, with 90% read within three minutes.

Mobile giving is convenient and accessible. By texting donations to short codes, consumers and businesses alike can easily make a difference with charities that inspire them. Let OpenMarket help your organization create effective mobile giving programs that create long-term donor commitments. Contact us today to get started.