Mobile Banking for Financial Services

Your clients expect and appreciate timely notices about their accounts—with up-to-the-minute accuracy. With the low cost of mobile messaging you can engage your customers at every stage of the relationship. From welcome messages to account alerts to payment reminders, you can give your clients a simple, convenient and effective way to access mobile banking services. Keeping clients informed on their preferred channel of communication puts them in charge of their finances and saves you time, money and resources along the way.

Mobile Strategy: A Wise Investment

With more mobile consumers, devices and technology emerging each day, financial services companies must have a mobile strategy for customer engagement, and a reliable partner with a stable and secure platform. Well selected services can spur customer loyalty and retention, which will impact your bottom line. Clients will be impressed with your forward-thinking approach and recommend you to people who would benefit from mobile banking services.

Using mobile messaging in your customer engagement strategy lets you:

  • Reach more customers and guide them to low-cost, self-service options
  • Inform customers of account status, overdrafts and payments due
  • Reduce customer support calls by providing real-time alerts and information
  • Close business faster by providing up-to-the minute loan status
  • Ensure customers receive timely account information and new program/product offers

Engage Clients
One billion people will use mobile banking by 2017.

Deliver a Better Experience with Mobile
97% of mobile banking users report higher satisfaction than those without.

Decrease Fraud
Cut losses by 50% by reaching mobile customers.

Just as your customers trust you to manage their finances, you can trust in OpenMarket’s expertise to guide you in the mobile world. Our safe and secure platform, along with our extensive knowledge of industry policies and guidelines, means you won’t miss a beat as you engage with your clients through the mobile channel. Contact us to get started today.