Mobile Healthcare

Within the ever-changing healthcare landscape, organizations are spending significant resources to enroll new members and retain their existing memberships. Many rely on traditional communication channels such as direct mail, print, radio and even email, all of which are difficult to scale and don’t provide immediate results. In addition, the expense of these outreach efforts often outweighs the response. With texting the preferred communication channel for younger people and ethnic groups, developing a mobile-first strategy will be key for companies in the healthcare industry. For healthcare insurers—and state-run healthcare exchanges that must adapt quickly to the changes driven by the Affordable Care Act—mobile can provide an efficient and scalable way to communicate with people who need information and services quickly.

Rx for More Effective Marketing

By using the mobile channel as part of their community engagement strategies, insurers and exchanges can find and connect to their members in the most personal, effective way possible. Mobile is also an extremely valuable tool for engaging hard-to-reach prospects such as ethnic, minority and younger uninsured populations. As the Affordable Care Act launches in 2014, preventive care will be more accessible and affordable. Mobile is a proven channel to reach two primary target markets: people looking to switch insurers and those looking for insurance for the first time. With mobile, your outreach campaigns will reach the largest audiences with the highest possible returns.

Healthcare insurers can quickly and inexpensively send mobile messages that educate members, plus promote and invoke behavior that leads to healthier lifestyles. All of which ultimately leads to lower healthcare costs. Insurers can also use mobile to deliver better support by automating such services as claims status, payment reminders and facility location lookups, as well as improve overall member experience. Mobile messaging enables healthcare organizations to:

  • Enroll more new members by reaching out to specific audiences with targeted messaging
  • Promote healthier living through illness prevention tips and nutrition and fitness advice
  • Bring awareness and instructions on new healthcare marketplaces and state-run exchanges
  • Provide ongoing service through welcome calls, appointment reminders and health surveys
  • Make it easy for members to check claim or payment status and compensate their provider
  • Drive change in the community via outreach programs with local partner organizations
  • Create a seamless member experience using a preferred communication channel

Increase Reach
Over 326 million US mobile users ―44 million of whom are uninsured.

Target Members
76% of consumers are interested in health tips on their mobile device.

Drive Engagement
30% of smartphone users are likely to use “wellness apps” by 2015.

Generate Higher ROI
99% of text messages are opened, compared to 20% of emails.

Whether your organization is just starting to look into mobile healthcare, or has a clear implementation plan for mobile communications, OpenMarket has the experience and capability to help you reach your goals. As a leading mobile engagement company, we can help you quickly reach your member community with more meaningful conversations—through one secure, reliable platform. Contact us today to get started.