Enterprise Mobile Messaging

Like never before, mobile messaging offers enterprises new and effective ways to interact with their customers and employees. When the time is right to incorporate mobile into your business operations, OpenMarket stands ready to help. We offer a secure, reliable and flexible mobile platform with proven capabilities so that you can focus on your core business—developing technology.

The Complete Mobile Engagement Solution

Many mobile companies offer solutions. But after due diligence, often you find the solution is limited: the platform supports only one channel, cannot easily integrate with existing infrastructure, cannot scale for global reach or does not meet your data security requirements. Your enterprise mobility partner should offer more than a siloed or limited mobile solution. Your partner should provide a flexible, scalable platform combined with industry expertise, global reach and corporate maturity.

As one of only a few companies worldwide that can offer a true mobile engagement platform, OpenMarket can help you deliver all of the following:

  • Enterprise-class security and privacy
  • Network reliability and availability
  • Expertise spanning a wide variety of use cases
  • Unparalleled service and support
  • Straightforward integrations
  • Global reach
  • Flexible solutions
  • Multiple communication channels: SMS, MMS, push, email and voice

With OpenMarket you can reach the most mobile users through our high-capacity, Saas-based platform tailored to meet your needs. Our standardized interfaces allow you to interact directly with your customers and staff while we manage the integration across mobile operator networks and your existing infrastructure. We enable you to connect to your target audience across any network or device and to create messaging solutions that support your communications initiatives.

Our goal is to help you plan and execute your long-term mobile strategy. By leveraging OpenMarket’s deep technical and industry expertise, you can realize increased speed to market, unparalleled scalability and cost savings. Now is the time to fully reap the benefits that mobile has to offer. Contact us to get started.