Mobile Solutions for Global Communications

Today, enterprises are working with suppliers from around the world and have mobile-savvy employees on multiple continents. These organizations need to share, collect and manage information with consumers on the go, and they’re looking beyond software to provide solutions. They’re looking to mobile for greater visibility into the supply chain, improved analytics, more precise data and increased flexibility.

Mobile: The Way to Go

Global enterprises need mobile engagement solutions that offer simplicity, convenience and accessibility so they can deliver meaningful services and support to their valued clientele, and at the same time improve their business operations and efficiency. OpenMarket can scale a mobile engagement solution to meet your specific enterprise goals, allowing you to:

  • Increase visibility of the flow of goods to allow for more accurate and speedy shipment handling and improved in-transit security
  • Reduce customer dependency and reliance on printed schedule information
  • Integrate payment services for transit customers
  • Increase employee productivity through collaborative operations and improved communication
  • Reduce transport costs through more efficient route planning, optimal loads and informed carrier mixes and modes
  • Improve access to real-time business analytics to shrink evaluation and response time regarding performance and warehousing management
  • Boost accountability through transportation chain transparency

In an industry focused on cost-effective, smooth transport and prompt delivery of goods, mobile is an indispensable channel. Contact us for more information today.