Mobile for a Superior Customer Experience

The travel and hospitality industry is experiencing a surge in mobile activity. Both business and leisure guests are turning to mobile to instantly read reviews, compare prices, view property amenities and redeem loyalty offers. With mobile, travel and hospitality companies can deliver a superior guest experience throughout the entire traveler lifecycle—from searches and bookings to onsite services and loyalty rewards. Mobile helps hospitality organizations enhance brand awareness, increase long-term customer engagement and improve the bottom line.

Broaden the Customer Engagement

In addition to attracting new travelers, mobile is a critical component to maintaining customer engagement after the initial point of sale. Once a guest has purchased a ticket or booked a hotel room, you can immediately reach them anywhere at anytime with mobile messaging. Delivering timely and relevant information that provides value and builds lasting relationships will ultimately help increase traveler spend and drive repeat business. By frequently engaging guests with value-driven communications, you can keep your brand top of mind, ensure positive customer reviews and foster loyalty.

A cross-channel communications approach that includes SMS, MMS and push notifications lets you communicate with the largest audience possible, and target your messaging based on traveler preferences. The key is to engage guests at relevant touch points during their travel experience to keep your brand top of mind and keep guests returning. A complete mobile engagement strategy will include:


  • Deliver time-sensitive information on travel deals or late-breaking fares, price discounts or hotel and parking coupons
  • Offer travelers promotion codes to receive a free upgrade or on-property specials such as dining discounts

Customer Experience

  • Keep guests informed of new properties, destinations and amenities
  • Send weather alerts and directions prior to arrival
  • Engage travelers with room readiness updates and local event reminders

Loyalty and Rewards

  • Reward travelers with loyalty points and coupons with personalized information such as their mileage balances, reservation numbers or confirmation codes
  • Send discount codes for next-visit promotions and solicit post-travel feedback

Expand Reach
95% of business travelers own a smartphone; 64% own a tablet.

Promote & Engage
67% explore, shop and book travel activities using mobile.

Improve Service
77% use mobile to check flight activities.

Whether the goal is to enhance brand awareness, drive higher purchase rates and frequency, or deliver better customer service, OpenMarket is the right mobile partner for you. Contact us today to get started.