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Technology Simplified
Leave the device platform complexities and heavy resource requirements to OpenMarket - We provide productivity tools and enhanced features

Customer Engagement

Manage an ongoing conversation with your customers and intelligently target messages to specific audicences at the right time


Build Deeper Customer Relationships with Push Notifications

Tools for Success:
  • Group management
  • Custom messages
  • Message analysis
  • One RESTful API for Apple, Android, and BlackBerry

With thousands of mobile applications vying for your customers’ attention, Push Notifications give you a great way to keep them engaged and returning to your application. From simple alerts to customized messages, Push is perfect for direct marketing campaigns, application updates, schedule reminders and other productivity messages. You can design a Push message to simply deliver information or to lead users to deeper interactions within your application. Simply put, Push messages will tune in your users and at the same time build brand awareness and loyalty─and create new revenue opportunities.

Once your mobile application is downloaded, it can easily get lost amidst all the other apps on the device. A great way to keep users in touch with your app is to use push notifications.When you send a push message, your app can alert the user by displaying a short text message, playing a brief sound, or badging the app’s icon on the homescreen. And with Push you can send simple and rich-content messages, and customize them to create a relevant and compelling experience for the user.

OpenMarket’s Push Notifications Service is designed to save you both time and money. We provide an infrastructure and productivity tools, and one API for integrating with Apple, Android, and BlackBerry. In addition you benefit from

OpenMarket, a leading SMS provider, has the experience and vision to help you decide what will work best for your business. You can find out more about our range of mobile messaging products by browsing this section, or feel free to contact us today.