Text Messaging Software that Lets Retailers Engage with Customers

Digital Coupons

There is no denying digital coupons can be cost-effective. Retailers using CodeBroker’s digital coupons realize an increase in store traffic and basket size. In addition, our retailer customers achieve significant savings by eliminating mailing costs. Other benefits include an improved customer experience and the ability to track the complete path to acquisition. Some of the ways you can use CodeBroker’s digital coupons to improve customer engagement include:

  • On-Demand Promotions. Based on retailer advertising, a consumer texts in a keyword to the retailer’s short code and receives a digital coupon.
  • SMS Subscription List Promotions. Retailers deliver digital coupons and marketing messages to customers who sign up to a retailer’s SMS marketing list.
  • Retailer Smartphone App. Customers are able to view and redeem digital coupons that are delivered directly to a retailer’s mobile app.

Marketing List & Loyalty Program Sign-up

CodeBroker’s Smart Join is an elegant way to sign up customers to your loyalty program, SMS marketing list, or email marketing list. Based on a call-to-action, the consumer texts in to a retailer’s short code and receives a text message. They click through to a web page to complete and submit a short form. All of the information required to successfully sign up consumers to an SMS marketing list is displayed in a visually appealing form, significantly improving the sign-up completion rate.

Using Smart Join, CodeBroker retailer customers have realized: up to 25,000 customer sign-ups per day to their SMS marketing list on an ongoing basis, an 80% sign-up completion rate – consumers who complete the sign-up process, and a 50%+ redemption rate for delivered welcome mobile coupons.

Using Codebroker’s unique security model, you have the ability to:

  • Securely attribute customer information to a loyalty number
  • Ensure each customer receives only one loyalty number
  • Safely issue high-value offers knowing each customers will only receive and be able to redeem one mobile coupon

Platform Screen Shots

Case Study: Target Hits the Mark with Mobile Coupons

Retail chains with thousands of locations in the U.S. are using CodeBroker’s loyalty and mobile coupon solution as an integral part of their marketing efforts to improve the customer experience. Powered by CodeBroker, Target mobile coupons can be redeemed in its 1,800 stores, the first company to roll out such a program on a national basis.

Every two weeks, consumers who subscribe to the Target mobile coupons program receive an SMS message with a link to a multi-item coupon that features a single, scannable barcode that works on over 500 different mobile phones. While the mobile coupons are pushed every two weeks, if a consumer somehow loses her offer, it can easily be retrieved by texting the word “OFFERS” to Target.

Mobile Coupon Redemption is a Winner

To use the Target mobile coupons, consumers simply have the barcode on their mobile device scanned at the checkout. Each item on the coupon can only be purchased once at the discount price.

To make it easy for consumers to track which offers have been used, CodeBroker smart mobile coupons mark individual items as redeemed when consumers use their coupons.

Case Study: Bed Bath & Beyond Success

Retail chains with thousands of locations in the U.S. are using CodeBroker’s mobile loyalty and coupon solution. They use it as an integral part of their marketing efforts to improve the customer experience. Powered by CodeBroker, Bed Bath & Beyond is now delivering, in limited markets, its popular coupons to customers’ mobile phones.

Customers Sign-up to Receive Bed Bath Beyond Mobile Coupons

Signing up for the Bed Bath Beyond mobile coupons program is simple. Customers text in to get a CodeBroker Smartlink™ which takes them to a sign up form. The Smartlink ensures that customers can not accidentally mistype their mobile number into the form.

Upon entering their information, customers immediately receive their first mobile coupon.

Customers will also receive additional scheduled coupons.

If a customer somehow loses his/her coupon, they can easily retrieve it by texting the word “RESEND” to Bed Bath & Beyond’s shortcode.

Bed Bath Beyond mobile coupons feature a scannable barcode that customers can present at the point of sale. These mobile barcodes are highly optimized. They are easy to scan and have been certified to scan on over 500 different mobile phones with standard POS imaging scanners.

BBB Customers Redeem Mobile Coupons

Customers can use their Bed Bath & Beyond mobile coupons in one of two ways:

  • Customers simply hold their phone for the Bed Bath & Beyond cashier to scan at checkout, or
  • Customers can enter their contact information online. The Bed Bath & Beyond shopping cart checks with CodeBroker to determine if the customer has any coupons available.

Each coupon can only be used once.

To make it easy for customers to track which coupons have been used, Bed Bath Beyond mobile coupons are marked as redeemed after use so they can not be presented again. The mark as redeemed feature is available whether the customer uses the coupon in-store or online.