Text-enabled Customer Service

In The Chat (ITC) is an enterprise-grade digital customer service platform provider that unifies text messaging, social media, web, mobile, and in-app chat into a seamless conversation with customers – no silos, agent confusion customer aggravation. ITC clients are innovators helping shape the future of low-cost, high-satisfaction customer communication.

Text-enabled Customer Service

  • 58% more efficient than voice
  • Loved by customers and contact centers alike

80% of consumers want to text companies for customer service. No calls to place, no apps to download, no waiting on hold or sitting in chat sessions – 2-way text messaging is the most convenient service channel for mobile customers.

Text interactions are brief and enable a single agent to concurrently assist multiple customers. This makes the benefits of text as exciting for your company’s bottom line as it is for your customer.

Platform Screen Shots

Case Study: Two-way Customer Service

Customer service costs are increasing as contact volumes continue to rise. Meanwhile, customers demand higher levels of service quality. How can service organizations reduce costs while also improving the customer (and employee) experience?

The Solution
ITC clients offer their customers the option to contact them via text messaging for service inquiries, as an alternative to traditional channels such as phone, email or chat. The SMS contact number (short code) is promoted via Contact Us pages and other media. Incoming text messages are managed by front-line agents leveraging traditional contact center processes.

The Benefits
ITC 2-way text for customer service offers a 58% cost savings over phone. Increased efficiency is achieved because with text, one agent can concurrently assist multiple customers and interaction handle-times are considerably lower than traditional channels.

Customers demand fast, convenient and on the go customer service and they want to use a channel that does not require them to wait on hold (as with voice calls), or sit in front of a desktop computer (chat) or download an app.