Pioneering and Personalizing Mobile Marketing

Vehicle is a mobile delivery and personalization platform. We help brands connect one-to-one with consumers’ mobile phones using personalized video and rich media pushed directly over the messaging channel (SMS/MMS).

Creating personalized digital content is easy. It takes about 4-6 weeks and follows the same creative development cycle your company experiences today. Vehicle’s loyalty and acquisition platform enables you to increase performance by leveraging channels designed for a mobile first customer. Use your customer’s preferred media and channel serving video, rich messaging, and text directly to their handset, driving superior response.

Drive nearly perfect open rates and 30% higher conversions!

It’s well documented that the secret weapon of mobile is messaging: SMS and MMS. No other channel has a higher rate of engagement and reach. With nearly 100% device reach and 98% open-rates, the messaging channel is an unmatched marketing tactic. With the Vehicle platform you can deliver a wide range of media types, all pushed directly to your customer’s mobile device.

Watch the video below to see how great personalized video can be: