The seamless way to charge for interactive voice and video services.

OpenMarket’s Interactive Voice and Video Response (IVR) System lets you offer live or recorded voice and video services to your local and international customers. You can also bill them directly through OpenMarket’s integrated IVR payment platform, making it easy to monetize your services through one trusted partner.

Like our IVR system itself, which lets you build cost-effective, custom applications on the fly, our IVR payment solution is not only versatile, but can easily grow with your business needs. Using our industry leading mobile payments platform, we have integrated multiple payment options into our hosted IVR system, including the ability to bill for IVR services through operator billing, Premium SMS or credit card.

  • Operator Billing: Operators in some countries allow billing for voice and video calls. OpenMarket’s extensive operator connections enable you to bill the user right on his or her mobile operator bill.
  • SMS Billing: Consumers can also pay for IVR services with a reverse-billed SMS message sent to their handset. This can be in the form of a one-off drop charge made at the start of a call, or a per-minute tariff applied throughout the call. SMS billing for IVR services can offer greater flexibility than premium rate tariffs by letting you define a free period or set billing to begin based on a customer action, such as pressing a certain key.
  • Credit Card Billing: The IVR system can be built to request a credit card number from the user at a specific point in the flow and allow you to charge the consumer’s credit card.