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MMS Messaging Platform

MMS Messaging provides the immediacy and convenience of SMS with the added power of images, audio and video delivered directly to the mobile device. The ability of MMS to deliver multimedia content makes it an extremely effective stimulus for any call to action, and offers more possibilities for audience engagement.

Whether you deliver promotional information, event passes or digital coupons, or allow end users to send in documents, receipts or images to you, OpenMarket MMS can help you better engage with your key audiences.

More Compelling Messages

Messages containing multimedia content are naturally more appealing to your audience and will improve response rates to your calls to action.

  • Higher Response Rate
    Achieve increased conversions—more uptakes for your offer, more votes, more donations.
  • Increased Loyalty
    Long-running messaging programs that utilize multimedia keep users interested and engaged.

Don't read about it, Experience it

It’s not easy to communicate in text the exact appearance of a vibrant flower or the precise sound of a beautiful symphony. But with MMS, you don’t have to.

  • Show Your Stuff
    Show your audience exactly what you want them to see, like a picture of your product or the newest member of your staff.
  • See What Your Audience Sees
    Let your users send in pictures of a damaged or defective product, or pictures of a physical or technical issue they need to resolve.
  • Extended Text
    Not everything can be photographed. In cases where you are not able to use photographs, MMS extends the amount of text you have to get your message across.

Deliver and Receive Digital Items

With MMS you can exchange a multitude of content directly with your audience without requiring them to click or download anything.

  • No Download Required
    Unlike mobile apps, MMS is built into the mobile phone, requiring no download or configuration.
  • Receive Content
    Allow your audience to send you content like receipts and forms without requiring scanners, mobile apps, printouts or transcribing.
  • Direct Delivery
    Deliver items directly to your audience’s device: digital coupons for offers, passes for event, audio samples, maps or guides to your locations.

Enterprise-grade Network

At OpenMarket our goal is to exceed your service level requirements for reliability, throughput, security and stable routing.

  • Highly Available & Geographically Redundant
    Ensure your messages get to their desired destinations via our geographically redundant messaging platform that exceeds enterprise-grade SLAs.
  • Active Monitoring
    Ensure timely and continuous message delivery with multiple routes to each region, actively monitored to respond to changing network conditions.
  • Proven & Trusted
    Rely on the same OpenMarket network that currently supports the messaging volumes and quality-of-service requirements of some of the largest enterprises in the world.

Superior Support

OpenMarket's award-winning technical support team provides expertise across all mobile channels, 24/7/365.

  • 24/7/365 Experts
    With around-the-clock live, global support there is always a knowledgeable resource to help.
  • Custom Needs
    Dedicated account managers, specialized training and professional services enable us to meet all your needs: integration assistance, custom projects, managed services and more.
  • Online Resources
    OpenMarket’s Customer Center is a secure web portal for documentation, video tutorials, demos, troubleshooting and support tools, and all types of reports.