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Mobile Payments

As a recognized leader in mobile payments, OpenMarket provides the industry’s most robust platform for enterprises to engage and transact with their customers. Leveraging our unmatched market expertise, worldwide mobile operator relationships and award-winning customer support, our OpenMarket mobile payments platform offers a convenient, secure and dependable way for your customers to pay. All on a platform you can trust.

Billing via Mobile Operators

Billing via mobile operators provides the fastest and easiest way for your customers to buy goods and services from their mobile devices, helping to grow your bottom line. Mobile operator billing methods can be used for in-app, PC and mobile web billing, and supports a variety of use cases: conditional access, charity donations, ticketing, in-game payments, deposits, video streaming and many more.

In the UK and Australia, premium SMS offers the broadest support for mobile operator billing, providing the perfect solution for delivering text-based campaigns to mobile users worldwide. Premium SMS is supported in the UK and Australia only.


Mobile Crediting (UK Only)

Mobile Crediting is an efficient, low-cost mechanism for depositing credits directly onto any pre-pay or post-pay mobile phone. Crediting can be used to reward customer loyalty, drive sales, offer refunds for mobile purchases, and award prizes in the form of instantaneous mobile credits. High-profile brands are leveraging Mobile Crediting today as an alternative to traditional coupons and mobile marketing, using OpenMarket’s Mobile Engagement Platform and/or platform APIs. Mobile Crediting is supported in the UK only. See Case Study.

  • Driving Sales with Rewards
    Reward consumer loyalty and drive sales by essentially giving away money through Mobile Crediting.
  • Brand Building and Consumer Engagement
    Motivate consumers to engage with goods or services and engender brand loyalty.
  • Prizes
    Award prizes directly to the most personal and ubiquitous of communication devices—the mobile handset.
  • Refunds and Quality Assurance
    Apply refunds to an end user’s account instantly.

Mobile Payment Expertise

OpenMarket works closely with enterprises to understand their payments needs and determine the right solution for their business. As a market leader with over 15 years of mobile experience, OpenMarket is focused on providing superior payment solutions for your business.

  • Direct Connectivity
    Our direct connections to mobile operators around the world enable you to reach the greatest number of end users on the most reliable mobile network. We provide standardized interfaces to minimize integration complexities.
  • Campaign Management Success
    Our dedicated commercial team helps you navigate mobile operator certification processes.