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Push Notifications

You’ve made the investment in a mobile app. Now maximize its ROI by using push notifications to communicate with users and keep them engaged.

Push notifications are effective for a variety of messaging use cases. Alert users to upgrades, promote specific features, or prompt users to opt in to a special campaign. You don’t need mobile operator approval and you can retrieve information about what users do with your messages.

Using the OpenMarket platform your push campaigns can utilize multimedia content, location-based services, and user segmentation for personalized messaging.

Simplified Integration

Use our SDKs and Sample Apps to easily integrate push notifications into your mobile apps.

  • Reach All Major Platforms
    Dependably reach the largest audience with support for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.
  • Easy Setup & Management
    Set up and manage your push notifications more easily with our web-based tools.

End User Management & Personalization

Collect, store and manage information about your audience to provide a personal, relevant and valuable experience.

  • Smart & Dynamic Segmentation
    Actively segment users based on dynamic attributes such as demographics, behaviors or preferences for effective, targeted messaging.
  • Mass Personalization
    Use data-driven and automated personalization to deliver targeted, relevant information that boosts user retention and loyalty.

Superior Support

OpenMarket's award-winning technical support team provides expertise across all mobile channels, 24/7/365.

  • 24/7/365 Experts
    With around-the-clock live, global support there is always a knowledgeable resource to help.
  • Custom Needs
    Dedicated account managers, specialized training and professional services enable us to meet all your needs: integration assistance, custom projects, managed services and more.
  • Online Resources
    OpenMarket’s Customer Center is a secure web portal for documentation, video tutorials, demos, troubleshooting and support tools, and all types of reports.