SMS Messaging

SMS has become the most versatile and widely used mobile communications channel. Now used by enterprises large and small around the world, SMS delivers appointment reminders, fraud alerts, password PINs, shipping notifications, and IT alerts, just to name a few.

At OpenMarket, we offer APIs and a set of SaaS-based web applications and tools for building and deploying mobile messaging programs. Supporting both one-way and two-way messaging, OpenMarket offers the products and expertise you need to succeed.

Broadest Support for Message Originators

OpenMarket offers support for short codes, long codes, toll-free numbers, landline numbers, and alphanumeric strings. Use of text-enabled toll-free numbers and landline numbers is rising due to their ROI with customer service and call center use cases, and customer preference for texting over voice calls.

  • Leverage Existing Numbers
    Take advantage of the toll-free or landline numbers your customers already know and use by adding support for text messaging.
  • Use the Channel Customers Prefer
    Research shows that 64% of customers prefer texting over voice for customer service communications.
  • Reduce Call Volumes
    Using automated text messaging provides a superior service experience and reduces call volumes. More than 80% of customers are frustrated by waiting on hold for customer service help.

Global Reach

A single connection to OpenMarket’s network gives you access to destinations worldwide—covering billions of mobile users.

  • Extensive Country Reach
    Connect to over 200 countries/territories via one-way messaging and to 80 countries using two-way global SMS.
  • Local Features
    Maximize your message's effectiveness with local features such as character sets, short and long codes, delivery reports and more.
  • One-way & Two-way
    Take advantage of both one-way and two-way solutions based on your needs and target regions.

Dashboards & Reporting

Enterprise messaging requires data collection and reporting over the entire lifecycle of each and every message, enabling you to both troubleshoot and identify ways to refine and enhance your programs

  • Standard reports generated by OpenMarket that you can view, download, copy, and have delivered to an email, HTTPS, FTPS, or SFTP destination.
  • Custom reports that you design and run according to your needs. You decide which data fields to include, when to run the report, how to deliver it, and who can access it.
  • Data visualization widgets with various chart styles, including bar and column, line and line column, scatter, and pie, as well as table, list, and geo-map styles.
  • Administrative Access controls let you decide which users have access to data sources, reports and dashboards.
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Ubiquitous & Personal

Virtually every mobile phone supports SMS, making it the most widely accessible mobile channel for communicating with your key audiences.

  • No Download Required
    Unlike mobile apps, SMS is built into the mobile phone, requiring no download or configuration.
  • Attention Grabbing
    By default, mobile phones alert their owners when an SMS arrives, immediately making users aware of the message's presence and giving it priority over other forms of communication.
  • Multilingual
    SMS supports all languages via international character sets.

Enterprise-grade Network

At OpenMarket, our goal is to exceed your service level requirements for reliability, throughput, security and stable routing.

  • Highly Available & Geographically Redundant
    Ensure your messages get to their target destinations via our geographically redundant messaging platform that exceeds enterprise-grade SLAs.
  • Active Monitoring
    Ensure timely and continuous message delivery with multiple routes to each region, actively monitored to respond to changing network conditions.
  • Proven & Trusted
    Rely on the same OpenMarket network that currently supports the messaging volumes and quality-of-service requirements of some of the largest enterprises in the world.

Superior Support

OpenMarket's award-winning technical support team provides expertise across all mobile channels, 24/7/365.

  • 24/7/365 Experts
    With around-the-clock live, global support there is always a knowledgeable resource to help.
  • Custom Needs
    Dedicated account managers, specialized training and professional services enable us to meet all your needs: integration assistance, custom projects, managed services and more.
  • Online Resources
    OpenMarket’s Customer Center is a secure web portal for documentation, video tutorials, demos, troubleshooting and support tools, and all types of reports.