Industry guidelines

The mobile channel is inherently complex. With so many policies and rules to navigate, it can be difficult to launch programs quickly and efficiently. As a market leader and industry influencer, OpenMarket is committed to staying current on the latest market regulations and mobile operator policies. Our experienced account teams provide hands-on, personal service to help your mobile campaigns be more efficient, compliant and successful. OpenMarket is actively involved in several trade associations and is dedicated to advancing the mobile industry on behalf of our clients.

Through the years, OpenMarket has established deep, trusted relationships with the mobile operators in each region we serve. We utilize our up-to-date knowledge of regulatory requirements and in-depth market expertise to help put you on the most direct path to mobile business success.

As consumers are the sole creators of demand for mobile content and services, every player in the marketplace must focus on the consumer’s experience. With this in mind, an array of organizations – from the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) to mobile operators – have created acceptable-use policies with best practices for interacting with consumers.

The organizations listed below provide valuable resources for launching compliant, effective mobile programs globally. We encourage you to share this information with everyone involved in your programs across your organization to ensure the highest likelihood of success.

North America