Mobile Engagement Videos

Top 5 Mobile Messaging Use Cases for Retail
Nowadays nearly half of all online purchases are made from a mobile device. This means consumers expect retailers to provide convenient and personalized communication straight to their phones. So let’s take a look at the top 5 use cases for companies in the retail industry.

6 Billion Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Engagement Strategy
OpenMarket’s Giovanni Benini and Oisin Lunny speak with Portio Research Managing Director Karl Whitfield about mobile-first megatrends, OTT messaging technology, and why SMS is the language of six billion people.

Top 5 Sales & Marketing Use Cases
With short codes appearing on everything from receipts to billboards, it’s clear that enterprises are using SMS more than ever to interact with their customers. Watch this video to see which customer engagement use cases are most effective with mobile.

Top 5 Customer Service Use Cases
With mobile messaging and the ability to text-enable your toll-free and landline numbers, you can easily transform how your company delivers customer service. Watch this video to learn about our top five use cases featuring one- and two-way SMS messaging.

Breaking Silos with OpenMarket Mobile Engagement 
Standalone mobile solutions lead to integration complexity, silos of data, and high cost of ownership. See how our Mobile Engagement Platform helps you avoid these pitfalls.

Mobile Engagement in Action
Watch how OpenMarket’s Mobile Engagement Platform can help enterprises optimize business processes, connect more personally with customers and employees, and gain a competitive advantage.

Mobile Engagement in Action: Two-Factor Authentication
This video demonstrates how quickly you can add SMS two-factor authentication using OpenMarket’s Mobile Engagement Platform. Two-factor authentication enables enterprises to add a significant additional layer of security to processes and transactions that employees and customers perform often, such as resetting account credentials.

Mobile Engagement in Action: Appointment Scheduling and Reminders
This video demonstrates how quickly you can add mobile messaging into your appointment reminder and scheduling services using OpenMarket’s Mobile Engagement Platform. By deploying a mobile messaging service through our platform, any business that relies on appointment or reservation scheduling can lower its no-show rate while improving the customer experience.

Mobile Engagement in Action: Shipping Alerts
This video demonstrates how you can add both precision and reliability to your shipping delivery process by using OpenMarket’s Mobile Engagement Platform. With real-time mobile shipping and delivery alerts, you can improve the retail experience for your customers while enhancing your operational efficiency.

Mobile Engagement in Action: Customer Surveys
This video demonstrates how quickly and easily you can create a customer survey in OpenMarket’s Mobile Engagement Platform. Personalized surveys and polls sent by SMS, MMS, push notifications, email and voice can target customers where and how they want to be reached.

Tutorial: SMS Broadcasting Overview
Send a message to many people—easily and quickly. This video shows you how to create and send a broadcast message, and showcases a few special broadcasting features.

Tutorial: Console Overview
Console is a powerful tool for viewing, in real time, the text messages received by your Mobile Engagement Platform services. This video shows you how to use Console and explains some of the features you might like to use.

Tutorial: Mailing Lists and Subscriptions
Mailing lists and subscriptions help you manage lists of end users and perform manual and automated tasks with these assets. This video provides an overview of how to work with mailing lists and subscriptions.

Tutorial: Building a Simple Service
The Mobile Engagement Platform makes it possible to build a variety of interactive messaging services. Watch this video to see how to build a simple service that adds end users to a mailing list.

OpenMarket Webinars

Mobile Messaging Addresses the ‘Convenience Conundrum’ of Digital Banking
In this webinar OpenMarket and Javelin Strategy & Research will explore the role of mobile messaging in redefining personal banking. We’ll share an in-depth look at mobile messaging use cases that will strengthen the FI’s relationship with its banking customers.

Exploring the Impact of Mobile Messaging on Customers, Employees and Operations
Hear OpenMarket and IDC discuss the value of mobile messaging by business function, how different industry segments are prioritizing their investment in mobile, and why you should implement a company-wide mobile messaging strategy.

Mobile Engagement Guide For Third Party Logistics Suppliers
Learn the latest statistics about mobile communications, its advantages, challenges and pain points for third party logistics suppliers, in this webinar by OpenMarket and eft.

How Mobile is Transforming Enterprise Customer Experience
Hear OpenMarket discuss how you can use the power of mobile messaging to design new and differentiating experiences that will attract and retain customers. Register now to access the webinar.

Acquire, Engage, Convert & Optimize! A Best Practice Case Study
Hosted by OpenMarket, this webinar with Sky Bet (a division of BSkyB) will discuss how they have integrated mobile across their marketing mix and are using mobile to acquire, engage, and convert new customers, and optimize their business processes.

Enterprise Mobile Engagement: Understand the Risks So You Can Maximize the Opportunity
Hear OpenMarket and Forrester Research discuss the importance of a sound mobile engagement strategy, why the current status quo for execution presents significant risks, how to mitigate these risks, and how to maximize the mobile opportunity. Register now to access the webinar.

How Enterprises are Improving Customer Engagement via the Mobile Channel
Hear OpenMarket and Yankee Group discuss how enterprises can use mobile engagement to differentiate their products and services, improve the client experience, lower customer service costs and improve operational efficiency. Register now to access the webinar.