Presented by OpenMarket and Yankee Group:

How Enterprises are Improving Customer Engagement via the Mobile Channel

Studies show that mobile expansion remains a high-to-critical priority for over 60% of today’s leading organizations. By leveraging cross-channel communications such as SMS, MMS, Push Notifications, Email and Voice, enterprises are engaging with their customers throughout the entire customer lifecycle—pre- and post-acquisition. Yet while enterprises recognize the need for a mobile strategy, many are struggling to capitalize on the opportunities.

In this webinar we’ll discuss how enterprises are integrating mobile into their business processes and systems to improve the customer experience and differentiate from competitors. We’ll also demonstrate how enterprises can use mobile engagement to differentiate their products and services, improve the client experience, lower customer service costs and improve operational efficiency.

We’ll cover:

  • Trends driving mobile engagement
  • How mobile is creating new opportunities within the enterprise
  • Challenges of going mobile
  • Enterprise mobile engagement strategies
  • Case studies of real world examples
  • How to get started

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