Mobile Customer Service

Research shows that most customers prefer texting over voice for customer service communications. Using SMS messaging—via short codes, long codes, toll-free and landline numbers—you can keep customers up to date, help them keep appointments and commitments, and provide a superior customer experience.

Appointment Reminders

Missed appointments and cancellations result in substantial revenue losses to a whole host of businesses and undermine workforce productivity in almost every industry. Timely appointment reminders delivered conveniently to users’ mobile devices help solve the problem, improving the user experience in the process.


Travel Alerts

The travel and hospitality industries are rapidly adopting mobile, not just to deliver a better customer experience but also to improve operational processes. From reservation reminders to special deals and promotions, communicating to customers via the mobile channel is quickly becoming the standard.


Card Activation

Prepaid and debit cards are the fastest growing electronic payment instruments. To ensure that customers are satisfied with their card provider, they must be able to activate the card and access account information anytime, anywhere―from their mobile device.


Balance Alerts & Bill Reminders

By 2017 nearly half of all bank account holders in the US are predicted to use mobile banking as their dominant channel. Enterprises across industries must move in parallel with this trend, and utilize mobile for their customer touchpoints. Bill reminders are a great first step. They enable regular and convenient communication with customers, help prevent late payments and reduce payment processing costs.