Appointment Reminders

Service industry businesses and enterprises rely heavily on appointment and reservation scheduling. Clinics and hospitals, restaurants, real estate agencies, accountants, salons, and many other types of companies depend on customers to arrive on time. Missed appointments and no‐shows mean less revenue and higher overhead—direct hits on a business’s bottom line and productivity. And in the case of businesses such as clinics and hospitals, missed appointments limit access to services for other customers.

But despite the impact of missed appointments, businesses must maintain a positive customer experience. They cannot afford to jeopardize referrals by imposing fees on customers who forget an appointment or cancel at the last minute. Instead, businesses need to help customers keep their appointments. For many years businesses have relied on automated or manual phone calls to remind customers, but the cost of these solutions adds up quickly, accounting for an average of one hour per day, per location.

Today, with mobile devices so prevalent, businesses can offer customers the opportunity to receive reminders through whatever channel—SMS, MMS, push, email, and voice—works best for them. With OpenMarket’s Mobile Engagement Platform, any business that relies on appointment or reservation scheduling can lower its no‐show rate while actually improving the customer experience.

Reducing Missed Appointments via Mobile Reminders

OpenMarket’s Mobile Engagement Platform allows enterprises to personalize messaging, reduce missed appointments, and enhance the overall customer experience.

With personalized messages sent via SMS, MMS, push, email, and voice, businesses can engage with their customers via targeted two‐way messaging—reminding them of upcoming appointments and existing reservations, or updating them about waitlist status. Messages can be tailored for each recipient and distributed automatically across a variety of communication channels.

In a larger business or enterprise, the Mobile Engagement Platform can interface with a CRM system to deliver targeted, time‐sensitive reminders and notifications, with details specific to the customer. The platform also allows for intelligent two‐way communications, enabling customers to confirm appointments or notify the business when they are running late or need to reschedule.

Benefits: Higher Revenue and Happier Customers

OpenMarket’s multi‐channel Mobile Engagement Platform enables enterprises to:

  • Distribute timely, personal, and automated reminders to help customers keep upcoming appointments and reservations
  • Minimize missed appointments and save the enterprise time and money
  • Manage and deploy SMS, MMS, push, email and voice, depending on customer preference
  • Send simultaneous alerts across multiple channels, reducing the chance of missed messages
  • Improve the customer experience and help ensure positive referrals

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