Card Activation and Management

Prepaid and debit cards are the fastest growing electronic payment instrument. To ensure that customers are satisfied with their card providers, they must be able to activate their cards and access their accounts anytime, anywhere―from their mobile devices.


With the number of prepaid and debit cards expected to skyrocket in the near future, enterprises must enable customers to activate their cards and access their accounts in the quickest, easiest possible way—via their mobile device.

Since 2006, customers with prepaid cards have loaded between 33% and 50% of incremental funds each year, fueling rampant growth. During 2013 alone, US consumers will load more than $100 billion onto prepaid cards.

In addition to the increased use of prepaid cards, traditional debit and credit cards are also projected for growth. Driven by the economic recovery, consumer credit card debt is projected to increase more than 483% year-on-year, representing more than $40 billion in total credit card debt.

Mobile offers card-carrying customers anytime-anywhere access to conveniently activate and access their accounts. In order to take full advantage of the opportunities with prepaid and debit cards, enterprises need to augment existing POS and CRM solutions with integrated mobile communications.

Solution: Improve the customer experience through mobile engagement

The Mobile Engagement Platform enables you to deliver valuable services utilizing multiple communications channels―SMS, MMS, push, email and voice. You can choose the channels that best suit your situation and the customer’s preference.

For example, by integrating the platform with existing account and billing systems, you can deliver real-time SMS alerts to customers about account balances and purchase transactions, enable customers to activate and deactivate cards, and allow customers to make balance inquires and account transfers directly from their hand-held device. You can follow up any of these interactions with an email message confirming the activity.

With timely access to account information and the ability to easily manage their accounts, you will empower customers to make purchases with confidence, increasing their satisfaction while reducing the need for assisted service.

Multi-channel mobile engagement lets enterprises offer customers real-time activity alerts, bill pay, account transfer and other valuable services that build and retain customer loyalty.

Benefits: Higher revenue, loyal customers

  • Optimal customer convenience
  • Better informed customers, reduced time and cost constraints from paper-based communications
  • Lower total customer service hours through automating messaging
  • Increased card usage from more confident customers
  • •Scalable solution supports hundreds of millions of customers

Mobile Engagement in Action: Adding minutes in seconds

A woman using a prepaid mobile smart phone is required to add minutes to her plan when she reaches a low balance limit. Before placing her next call, she texts a balance request to a short code. The Mobile Engagement Platform receives her request and replies with the remaining minutes balance. Seeing her minutes are low, she responds with a request to load additional minutes. The platform processes the request internally and confirms when the new time has been loaded.

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