Reservation and Appointment Reminders

Missed appointments and cancellations. Not only do they result in substantial revenue losses to a host of businesses, they also undermine workforce productivity. Timely appointment reminders delivered conveniently to users’ mobile devices help solve the problem, and improve the user experience in the process.


Enterprises that rely on customer reservations and client appointments face revenue and productivity losses due to cancellations and no-shows. Mobile reminders can help solve this costly problem.

In the service and health industries, companies small and large rely heavily on appointment and reservation scheduling. Hospitals and clinics, restaurants, real estate agencies, accountants, cable companies and many other businesses depend on customers to arrive on time. Missed appointments and no-shows mean lost revenue and higher overhead—direct hits on the bottom line and productivity. In hospitals and clinics, missed appointments limit access to services for other customers.

While some businesses seek to reduce missed and cancelled appointments by imposing fees, this can jeopardize the customer relationship or word-of-mouth referrals. The better solution is to help customers keep their appointments. For many years businesses have used reservation and appointment reminders in the form of automated or manual phone calls. But implementation costs add up quickly, accounting for an average of one hour per day, per location.

Today, with mobile devices so prevalent, companies can offer customers the opportunity to receive reminders through whatever channel—SMS, MMS, push, email and voice—works best for them. With OpenMarket’s Mobile Engagement Platform, any business that relies on appointment or reservation scheduling can lower its no-show rate while improving their customer experience.

Solution: Reduce missed appointments with mobile reminders

OpenMarket’s Mobile Engagement Platform allows you to personalize reminders, reduce missed appointments and enhance the overall customer experience.

With personalized messages sent via SMS, MMS, push, email and voice, your business can engage with customers via targeted two-way messaging—reminding them of upcoming appointments and existing reservations or updating them about waitlist status. Messages can be tailored for each recipient and distributed automatically across various communication channels.

In a larger enterprise, the Mobile Engagement Platform can interface with a CRM or appointment scheduling system to deliver targeted, time-sensitive reminders and notifications with details specific to the customer. The platform also allows for intelligent two-way communications, enabling your customers to confirm appointments or notify the business when they are running late or need to reschedule.

Missed and cancelled appointments result in lost revenue and higher overhead, yet businesses must maintain a positive customer experience.

Benefits: Higher revenue, happier customers

  • Distribute timely, personal and automated reminders to help customers keep appointments and reservations
  • Minimize missed appointments and save the enterprise time and money
  • Ensure customer satisfaction by communicating via the most effective channel: SMS, MMS, push, email or voice
  • Improve the customer experience and help ensure positive referrals

Mobile Engagement in Action: A prescription for missed appointments

A community hospital serves several towns and outlying areas. Their current missed appointment rate of 6% – 7% impacts their ability to serve patients effectively. Reluctant to impose punitive fees, the hospital still needs to lower its no-show costs, which are averaging $150,000 per month. The hospital implements a solution that connects their information system and scheduling application to the Mobile Engagement Platform, enabling delivery of SMS, email and voice reminders to patients based on their preferred method of contact. This solution reduces patient no-shows and improves the hospital’s bottom line.

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