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The travel and hospitality industries are rapidly adopting mobile, not just to improve the customer experience but also to improve operational processes. From reservation reminders to special deals and promotions, communicating to customers via the mobile channel is quickly becoming the standard.


Customers have already adopted mobile as the preferred way to manage their travel. And already online sales of airline tickets exceed $80 billion. With online airline ticketing projected to continue rising through the mobile channel, enterprises must be ready to take full advantage of the opportunities.

Technology is rapidly and dramatically changing the way people shop, buy and experience air travel. As mobile devices become more sophisticated and commonplace, leisure and business travelers alike are turning to mobile to search for travel information, get late-breaking deals and even rate their experiences after travel. For enterprises in the transportation and hospitality industries, this is presenting new challenges and opportunities.

First and foremost, travelers value convenience. For business travelers especially, mobile provides a convenient, popular means of finding airline tickets, lodging and auto rental information. Evidence of this can be seen in the abundance of mobile apps among travel reservation, hotel and auto rental enterprises.

Mobile also lends greater efficiency to the airport check-in process. In fact, a J.D. Power and Associates study reports that overall satisfaction is highest when passengers check in using their mobile devices.

To benefit from this momentum, enterprises need to integrate their legacy systems with a mobile platform that enables quick deployment of time-sensitive, personalized communications. Ensuring a seamless travel experience is key to customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty.

Solution: Create the connected airline

OpenMarket’s Mobile Engagement Platform powers mobile communications, including global SMS and MMS. Airline companies, hospitality and auto rental agencies, and organizations that manage airports, railways, ferries and other transportation facilities can all utilize the platform to deploy single or multi-channel communications to the ever-growing number of travelers.

Our solutions integrate with your existing systems and third-party services to let your business extend the use and life of legacy investments and, at the same time, improve customer satisfaction. Traveler alerts and in-app notifications, especially when accompanied by travel vouchers and special offers, keep travelers informed and enable them to easily purchase additional services.

Using the platform you can personalize offers and promotions for individuals regardless of their booking channel. For example, an opt-in text alert during third-party booking not only helps keep the customer up to date on flight status, but also it may trigger a welcome email from the airline when the platform recognizes the booking as a new customer.

By utilizing two-way communications, you can receive real-time customer feedback, aiding in time-sensitive customer service. For instance, a customer with lost luggage can submit a mobile claim report on the spot rather than stand in a line waiting for assistance.

Mobile offers enterprises many opportunities to enhance the travel experience through the entire lifecycle while improving operational processes.

Benefits: Timely communications, happier customers

  • Deliver streamlined communication and improve operational efficiency by integrating mobile with existing systems and third-party apps
  • Deploy real-time updates and alerts to customers regardless of the channel they used to book their travel
  • Deliver timely and convenient communications and promotions based on user preference and behavior
  • Improve the customer experience through convenience and two-way services

Mobile Engagement in Action: Manage flight delays the mobile way

A major international airline needs to lessen customer dissatisfaction caused by delayed flights. Utilizing our solutions, the airline is able to offer travelers a convenient way to receive up-to-date information about their flights. During the ticketing process, customers can sign up for mobile alerts delivered via SMS, email or push. Then on departure day, alerts are automatically delivered to any traveler whose flight is delayed by more than one hour. Included with the alert is a voucher for food at a popular airport concession. Incremental delays receive personalized apology letters in addition to travel vouchers.

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