Employee Communications

Regular and consistent communications to employees are a key contributor to employee engagement. The mobile channel gives HR organizations a new and efficient way to send individual greetings, company announcements and other time-critical communications to employees on their preferred channel.


To realize the productivity gains and profitability increases that an engaged workforce can deliver, enterprises must acknowledge employee performance and communicate with employees via the most effective channel.

A 2012 survey by the Society for Human Resource Management found that employee engagement is the #1 challenge for HR professionals. Keeping employees involved in, and enthusiastic about, their work results in attitudes and activities that further the organization’s interests and goals. Of the organizations polled in that survey, those with active employee recognition programs reported workers were more satisfied as a result of the acknowledgment they received for their efforts.

Successful employee recognition is a key ingredient of strong employee engagement, leading to:

  • Increased loyalty
  • Greater sense of value and appreciation
  • More supportive work environment
  • Motivated employees
  • Higher retention
  • Improved recruiting

Solution: Encourage and reward employees

OpenMarket’s Mobile Engagement Platform helps you create ongoing and personalized communications with employees. You can use the platform to deploy employee surveys, send congratulatory messages for milestones met and promotions granted, and send greetings for special occasions such as anniversaries and holidays.

In addition to using the platform for one-time or spontaneous communications, you can integrate with legacy systems to enable automated communications. For example, dates can be used as an input to trigger a specific type of communication such as birthday or anniversary greetings.

With a choice of multiple channels including SMS, MMS, push, email and voice, you can use the platform to send messages to one or a group of employees, or the entire workforce—across departments and geographies. Personalized messages can be entered and configured once with automatic updates occurring into the future.

Consistent, quality communications with employees help build relationships and a more satisfied and productive workforce.

Benefits: Targeted communications, happier employees

  • Stronger employee-employer relationships
  • Ability to reach employees through their preferred channel
  • Higher employee morale
  • Improved efficiency in generating and tracking messages
  • Streamlined communications for companies of all sizes

Mobile Engagement in Action: Go with the automated flow

A global medical equipment manufacturer with offices in Southeast Asia, South America and the US wants to send greetings to the entire workforce on specific holidays and also to individuals on birthdays and work anniversary dates. By sending holiday greetings, the HR organization intends to keep the workforce informed about office closures and make everyone more aware about important cultural events. By sending birthday and anniversary greetings, HR hopes to foster a closer relationship with employees. To enable both types of greetings to be sent on an automated basis, the HR and IT organizations work together with OpenMarket to integrate the Mobile Engagement Platform with a back-office system that stores information about company holidays, employee birthdays and anniversary dates, as well as employee contact information. Using the platform’s drag-and-drop message flow editor, HR creates templates for the different types of messages and specifies the date triggers for each. By creating templates and automating the message flows, HR is able to send the greetings in a consistent way via the employees’ preferred mobile channel—SMS or email or both. In addition employees feel more informed about cross-office holidays and are better able to work around office closures.

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