Mobile Solutions for Time Tracking

The billions of dollars enterprises lose to payroll errors represent more than financial loss. They impact an enterprises’ reputation, and damage employee confidence and trust. Mobilizing the time-tracking and reporting processes offers new solutions.


Payroll errors are a nightmare for HR and Finance organizations. In addition to the financial impact, payroll errors damage the employer-employee relationship. Enterprises need to consider the solutions mobile can offer.

More than ever, workforces are increasingly distributed over multiple locations. With a wave of functional applications and integrated mobile solutions, new doors are opening for Finance and HR organizations to track and process real-time work hours and payroll transactions.

In a progressively more complex world of continually changing tax codes, new healthcare laws and growing numbers of independent contractors in the workforce, organizations need multi-channel payroll communications solutions that:

  • Streamline time tracking, reporting and reminders across communication channels
  • Offer accessible time tracking systems to employees working outside the office environment
  • Provide employee visibility into time entered and available benefits
  • Augment existing payroll systems, reducing time, errors and costs associated with tracking and compliance

Solution: Multi-channel time tracking, reporting, and reminders

OpenMarket’s Mobile Engagement Platform allows your enterprise to simplify how it collects and tracks hours worked and paid time off. By leveraging the mobile devices that most employees already bring to the workplace, you can take advantage of the mobile channel to track, organize, retrieve, and store work hours, replacing complex spread sheets and costly intranet systems.

OpenMarket’s platform offers a new way to collect and track work hours with built-in checks and balances to ensure accuracy and data integrity. With a choice of channels including SMS, MMS, push, email and voice, employees can submit their daily hours—or clock in and out of work—using a predetermined code.

After documenting reported hours, the platform confirms receipt by responding to the employee with an overview of total earned hours and benefits listed by the day, week or month. The secure mobile engagement platform acts as the data record-keeper and works with existing payroll software to instantly update private employee records.

OpenMarket’s Mobile Engagement Platform makes the payroll process easier and more accurate. It protects enterprises with checks and balances while strengthening the employer-employee connection by providing employees with better information and more control.

Concerns over data confidentiality—and processing requirements to manage the volume of incoming data—have hindered enterprise adoption of automated payroll systems.

Benefits: Reduce costs, raise morale

  • Simplify time tracking and reduce errors using multiple mobile channels
  • Provide employees with instant payroll reports via their hand-held devices
  • Replace outdated payroll tools and systems with a more efficient, cost-saving platform
  • Reduce payroll staffing needs by eliminating the need for manual record-keeping
  • Raise morale and increase productivity through improved communication, reduced payroll errors and timely payments

Mobile Engagement in Action: A mobile solution that’s more than fare

A national taxicab service has hired hundreds of new drivers in 10 cities across the country. Without access to the company’s online reporting systems, the drivers are unable to track their hours and advise dispatch of their availability to accept customers. By synchronizing the Mobile Engagement Platform with their corporate systems, drivers are empowered to log hours and alert dispatch by sending an SMS with their driver code. The company is able to track work hours more accurately and dispatch services faster to waiting customers.

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