The best action is interaction

Consumer appetite for a richer, more personal experience grows right along with the sophistication of today’s mobile devices. Serve your customers the multimedia content they desire over mobile rich media channels such as SMS and MMS. Use creative mobile programs to engage your customers in interactive experiences that will drive higher response rates, positive brand experiences and a stronger bottom line.

OpenMarket supports virtually any type of mobile content campaign, including:

  • Contests, polling and quizzes
  • Voting
  • Games
  • Movie trailers
  • Music and video downloads
  • Ringtones, wallpapers and pictures
  • Social networking applications
  • Promotions with sophisticated pricing models

If you have mobile marketing ideas you want take straight to consumers, OpenMarket can help you execute successful interactive campaigns. You can keep complete control over customizing your interactive promotions, and we will connect you with the mobile operators that will maximize your consumer reach and extend your brand. Contact us to get started.