Innovative communication with your clients

Your clients expect and appreciate timely alerts about their money with up-to-the-minute accuracy. With the low cost of mobile messaging, you can enhance relationships with customers by offering your choice of mobile account services, such as balance inquiries or even direct access to financial advisors.

With spending in the mobile market expected to reach new heights, financial services companies must have a mobile strategy for customer engagement. Well-selected service offerings can spur customer loyalty and retention, which will impact your bottom line. Clients will be impressed with your forward-thinking approach to your business and recommend you to people they know who would benefit from mobile services such as:

  • Account balance inquires
  • Stock alerts
  • Withdrawal alerts
  • Payment reminders
  • Overdraft alerts
  • Internal communication with staff
  • Personalized marketing to clients

Just as your customers trust you to manage their finances, you can trust in OpenMarket’s expertise to guide you in the mobile world. Our strong operator relationships and extensive knowledge of policies and billing systems mean you won’t miss a beat as you connect with your clients through the mobile channel. Contact OpenMarket to get started.