Build deeper customer relationships

Mobile services have come to be expected by the smart and savvy consumer. The mobile channel lets you cultivate a loyal and responsive customer base through timely communication about the things that interest them. Loyalty doesn’t happen by accident. Customers value quality and convenience. They also appreciate a fun and interactive mobile experience.

By connecting with the right people in the right ways, mobile can boost revenue streams through high campaign response rates. Whether using SMS, MMS or other mobile technology, you can make the shopping experience convenient and effective. Stay connected with your target audience through real-time alerts, offers and services such as:

  • Paperless coupons
  • Special offers
  • Information alerts
  • Store locators
  • Directions
  • Comparison shopping applications
  • Customer inquiry tracking
  • Order receiving

OpenMarket’s reliable mobile transaction hub and industry-leading direct operator connections are exactly what you need to launch effective mobile marketing campaigns and drive positive brand impressions. Contact us today to take the next step.