Monetize your network and expand your business

With over five billion subscribers around the world, mobile is how people connect today. Unlike any other media channel, mobile gives you and your brand the power to reach consumers instantly.

By leveraging the mobile channel in your telecommunications business, you can bring more value to consumers while opening up new revenue streams through simplified purchasing targeted promotions.

Not surprisingly, consumers have high expectations for telecommunications companies to be nimble and effective in delivering mobile web services and managing customer interactions. You can enhance customer relationships and loyalty by offering:

• Operator, credit card and cable billing

• Programming alerts

• Personalized alerts based on consumer preference or historical behavior

• Purchase confirmations

• Targeted product promotions

OpenMarket enables direct-to-consumer business, providing more choice for consumers and ultimately more revenue for your business. Tell us your ideas, and we’ll customize an offering of mobile payment, messaging and value-added services to fit your customers’ needs. Contact OpenMarket today and let us help you monetize your mobile services for a more profitable business.