Maximum mobility

Fast, reliable access to data is critical for all businesses, but companies in the transportation industry may have the most to gain from the advantages of using mobile technology to connect with both customers and staff. Mobile messaging delivers rapid, cost-effective communication in a business that relies collecting, sharing and managing information on the fly.

Leverage OpenMarket’s mobility tools to provide high-value services to consumers. With real-time visibility of inventory status, delivery schedules and vehicle locations, your business can exploit sales opportunities and minimize the potential for lost revenue. Offer your customers some of these special services using our mobility tools:

  • Flight and bus schedules
  • GPS tracking
  • Parcel deliveries
  • Inventory status
  • Travel alerts
  • Vehicle location tracking
  • Route and facility planning

OpenMarket will enable you to build your business in the mobile channel. Our industry experts will guide you through the complexities of operator policies, billing systems and industry guidelines so you can take your ideas to market quickly and maximize your revenue potential. Contact us today to get started.