Mobile Solutions for IT and Security

A critical success factor for IT and security organizations is effective communications, which enable quick decision making and operational efficiency regardless of location or time of day. The mobile channel offers compelling, new communication and operational solutions for IT and security groups. With mobile messaging, you can solve for a variety of IT and security use cases that help ensure business continuity, improve IT and support management, and provide security, authentication and fraud protection.

Business Continuity

  • Automated Incident management
  • Network and system outage alerts
  • Emergency notifications (One-way and Two-way)

IT & Support Management

  • Ticket life-cycle management: awareness, ownership, updates, conditional escalation, and closure
  • Staff appointment reminders, shift and on-call change notification, personnel scheduling and shift exchanges
  • System health notifications
  • IT surveys and feedback

Security, Authentication and Fraud Protection

  • Compliance automation and notification
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Password change reminders and reset
  • Fraud alerts


System Status Alerts

In today’s complex, ever-changing global marketplace, organizations struggle with how to keep employees informed and computer systems safe and secure. A proactive communications strategy can help prevent negative fallout and long-term damage. Mobile plays a fundamental role in this strategy.


Two-Factor Authentication

Mobile is rapidly becoming a major channel for banking, purchasing and conducting all kinds of financial activities. Users will expect the anywhere-anytime convenience of mobile, but also demand that their activities and information are kept private and secure.