IT System Status Alerts

A poll of Fortune 500 companies reveals at least 1.6 hours per week of IT system downtime. Based on an hourly rate of $56, this equates to a weekly labor loss of $896,000, or $46 million annually.

IT system downtime reflects poorly on overall enterprise reputation and negatively affects employee productivity and morale. Yet in today’s technology‐driven world, some downtime is unavoidable.

A proactive IT communications strategy can help prevent negative fallout and long‐term damage.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, IT organizations need more nimble ways to keep employees informed and computer systems safe. While email is effective much of the time, an incident can take down a company’s email server, leaving management without an efficient and immediate way to communicate with employees. SMS, as the most widely used communications channel around the world, provides IT with an effective and economical way to close that gap.

Up‐to‐the‐Second Mobile Communications

OpenMarket’s mobile engagement solutions allow enterprises to provide clear, up‐to‐the‐second details regarding servers and networks. Whether informing employees about a scheduled maintenance procedure or alerting staff to a security breach, your organization can use SMS and MMS to instantly reach employees.

If the problem involves a security breach, you can use mobile messaging to notify employees of the threat, report system status, and instruct them via text to change email or other passwords. Keeping employees informed throughout a server restoration process eliminates confusion and empowers them with current information and alternate work instructions.

Benefits: IT Empowerment

OpenMarket’s mobile engagement platform keeps employees informed about server maintenance, security threats or other system outages, enabling enterprises to:

  • Utilize SMS to minimize missed messages
  • Broadcast a message to all employees or send custom messages to specific groups
  • Bolster employer‐employee relationships by providing current information and reducing confusion, concern and frustration
  • Improve productivity and reduce workflow interruptions
  • Increase IT efficiency

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