Mobile Messaging for Operations and Logistics

Combine improved tracking and communications with real-time shipping alerts and achieve on-time deliveries, happy customers, and higher profitability.

Shipping Alerts

Mobile provides the fastest, most convenient way to communicate the order and shipping status to consumers. With online and mobile sales continuing their steady growth, and text-enabled mobile phones already in the hands of the vast majority of consumers, there’s no better time than now to mobilize the shipping notification process.


Mobile Receipts

With smart phones and tablets becoming ubiquitous—and consumers using them around the clock—it’s time for retail enterprises to mobilize the entire purchasing life cycle. Offering mobile receipts is an easy first step.


Mobile Ticketing

The value of digital ticketing to consumers is so effective that the technology spread through the media and entertainment industry practically overnight. With the market well established, enterprises now need to streamline the infrastructure, removing redundant systems and consolidating fragmented solutions.