Mobile Receipts

With smartphones and tablets becoming ubiquitous and consumers using them around the clock, it’s time for retail enterprises to mobilize the entire purchasing lifecycle. Offering mobile receipts is an easy first step.


Enterprises today need to offer consumers more than competitive pricing and choice. Today’s on-the-go consumer also expects a smooth and convenient checkout experience.

Retailers already know the power of mobile with respect to marketing. But what about mobilizing post-purchase activities? What benefits can mobile deliver to the customer―and to the enterprise?

Smartphones and tablets are everywhere and being used all the time. People simply prefer to communicate this way. For this reason, retail enterprises need to mobilize more of the entire customer lifecycle. Offering mobile receipts is an easy first step.

Already accustomed to receiving digital receipts from e-commerce purchases, consumers are pleased with retailers and other businesses that offer mobile receipts as an option. Consumers like them for the same reason they like digital receipts: they are easy to manage and difficult to lose. They are there when the customer needs them to validate a purchase or return an item.

Mobile receipts also offer the enterprise cost and time savings, and provide an enticing promotional opportunity―a new way to drive repeat business through targeted offers and coupons.

Solution: Please the customer while building the brand

Mobile receipts are quickly becoming commonplace and are expected to become the standard. The paperless receipt not only reduces the cost of a transaction, it also helps your business meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly practices. In a highly competitive retail market, customer preference and loyalty can be the result of one incremental change such as paperless receipts.

OpenMarket’s Mobile Engagement Platform meets this need and extends the electronic receipt distribution to SMS, MMS, push and email. Our platform can interface with existing systems to provide an opportunity to deploy digital receipts across a variety of mobile channels, as well as incorporate key messaging and exclusive offers to drive repeat business.

Leveraging the power of OpenMarket’s platform, you can also realize operational savings. Mobile receipts reduce printing and shipping costs and speed up the checkout and return processes. Overall, operational efficiencies are increased and total transaction time is reduced.

While opportunities clearly abound for paperless receipts, mobile has been gradual due to the lack of integrated systems across multiple communication channels.

Benefits for enterprises

  • Efficiently implement paperless receipts
  • Reduce total transaction costs and improve customer satisfaction
  • Pursue repeat sales through personalized offers, promotions and coupons
  • Lower transactional costs due to elimination of printed receipts
  • Meet the growing demand for sustainable practices, driving preference and loyalty

Benefits for customers
Mobile receipts are:

  • Faster to sign
  • More durable
  • Hard to lose
  • Easier to read because they all look the same

Mobile Engagement in Action: Receipts when, where and how customers want them

A woman stops by a local department store on her lunch break. During checkout, she’s offered an option to receive her receipt via text or email. When she selects email, the Mobile Engagement Platform instantly distributes an electronic receipt to the woman’s inbox, which includes a coupon she can redeem on her next visit. Having rushed through her initial trip, the woman returns the next day to exchange her purchase for a new size. Using her mobile device, she’s able to complete the entire transaction quickly and without unwanted paper.

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