Mobile Ticketing

The value of digital ticketing to consumers has been so effective that the technology spread through the media and entertainment industry practically overnight. With the market well established, enterprises now need to streamline the infrastructure, removing redundant systems and consolidating fragmented solutions.


By 2014 we could see mobile ticket sales at $15 billion―up 650% since 2012. To stay competitive, enterprises that use mobile ticketing will need to evaluate their infrastructure for redundancy, fragmentation, scalability and security.

Digital ticketing via mobile devices is a clear win-win for both the ticket issuer and the consumer. Across industries, any organization that sells or issues tickets can use OpenMarket’s Mobile Engagement Platform to enable a purchase and delivery process that’s convenient and pleasing to consumers―and at the same time removes ticket-handling costs.

Whether buying tickets for a movie or concert, or booking seats for ground or air travel, mobile ticketing gives the consumer an easy purchase process. Tickets can be delivered directly to a mobile device, giving purchasers the ability to distribute tickets to friends and relatives. All without exchanging one piece of paper.

With the market clearly established for mobile ticketing, the challenge enterprises face lies with the infrastructure. The rapid growth of mobile ticketing (some reports show year-on-year increases exceeding 150%) has led to systems comprised of fragmented and redundant software and multiple third-party vendors.

By integrating mobile messaging technologies with existing business systems, OpenMarket’s Mobile Engagement Platform allows enterprises to meet customer and operational needs from booking through distribution.

Solution: Implement mobile ticketing today

With OpenMarket’s Mobile Engagement Platform you can integrate mobile solutions on your existing systems to serve as a centralized conduit, enabling bookings, upgrades and paperless ticketing across devices.

The platform facilitates transactions and enables data exchange across mobile channels―SMS, MMS, push, email and voice―without the costs of building or rebuilding existing infrastructure. The platform can interface with existing billing, mapping, booking, distribution and calendar systems, consolidating, personalizing and streamlining the experience.

The challenge enterprises face now is meeting the rapidly growing need for mobile ticketing while operating a reliable, scalable, secure and profitable multi-channel billing and fulfillment infrastructure.

OpenMarket’s Mobile Engagement Platform augments ticketing through mobile channels, benefiting both the enterprise and customer experience:

Benefits for enterprises

  • Increased ticket sales due to expanded reach
  • Reduced production and distribution costs
  • Ability to target future promotions based on user preference

Benefits for customers

  • Convenience with the ability to order, pay for, obtain and validate tickets from any location, at any time
  • Timely reminders and updates to improve satisfaction and bookings

Mobile Engagement in Action: A ticket to ride. Or fly. Or go to the movies.

An airline customer is taking a cab on the way to the airport. She realizes that she will need to check a bag, but she’s running late. By knowing her flight number, the woman is able to check in through SMS on her way to the airport. Exhausted from a week on the road, she also requests a first class upgrade. The Mobile Engagement Platform responds, not only letting her know that there is a first class seat open, but also by delivering her seat upgrade voucher via MMS.

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