Mobile Shipping Alerts

Mobile provides the fastest, most convenient way to communicate order and shipping status to consumers. With online sales continuing their steady growth, and text-enabled mobile phones already in the hands of the vast majority of consumers, there’s no better time than now to mobilize the shipping notification process.


Every day in the US, more than 25 million packages are shipped to consumers. Any enterprise that ships goods to consumers should use mobile alerts. They’re an easy way to improve the customer experience while reducing support costs.

For many online consumers, checking on order status and delivery time still requires logging on to a website and looking up their order. For updated information the consumer must repeat this task. In a world where mobile is the fastest way to communicate, this approach is outdated and represents a lost opportunity to build positive customer relationships and loyalty.

Shipping notifications sent via SMS provides a fast and convenient way to communicate order shipment information. Delivered directly to the user’s mobile handset, a shipping notification gives the consumer the information he or she wants: Was my package shipped? Is the item on its way? Has it been delivered?

Online retailers are starting to use SMS as part of their standard alert practices, and those with mobile apps can utilize push notifications instead of, or in addition to SMS. Together with the SMS and push channels, retailers can also utilize the email channel to communicate shipping information.

Solution: Mobile shipping alerts—a win-win for businesses and customers

With real-time shipping and delivery alerts, you can improve the retail experience for your customers and at the same time increase their efficiency and potentially reduce support costs.

Online shoppers today expect their purchases to be handled promptly and prefer to receive accurate delivery updates, especially when the shipment is delayed. The OpenMarket Mobile Engagement Platform adds precision and reliability to the shipping and delivery process.

Using the platform you can design an alert system to meet the needs of your customers by enabling them to configure their notification preferences. Some customers may prefer to stay with email while others might choose a combination of SMS and email. The Mobile Engagement Platform provides multi-channel mobile communications via SMS, MMS, push, email and voice for:

  • Shipment confirmation
  • Delivery status
  • Rescheduled deliveries
  • Pickup confirmation/change

Today, when nearly half of all self-proclaimed, dedicated customers fail to remain true to a brand, the Mobile Engagement Platform gives them a constant they can trust—the security of current, accurate shipping and delivery information.

Benefits for the customer

  • Deliver notifications via the customer-preferred channel
  • Enhance the customer experience and perceived service quality
  • Provide convenience to the customer and save them time
  • Ensure a faster, more reliable and personalized delivery

Benefits for the enterprise

  • Build brand appreciation through simple, customer-directed alerts
  • Streamline shipping communications
  • Reduce customer support calls
  • Allow anytime, anywhere connection with consumers
  • Improve reliability and timeliness by allowing more packages to be delivered on first attempts
  • Minimize lost packages and late deliveries with improved tracking

Mobile Engagement in Action: A mobile package for shipping packages

A woman in Chicago places an online order for a birthday gift, hoping it will arrive at her home before she leaves for vacation. Unfortunately, the shipment is delayed and she realizes it will not be delivered before her trip. Via the Mobile Engagement Platform, she receives a text alert from the shipping company notifying her of the new date and time of delivery. She’s able to make arrangements with a neighbor to retrieve the package.

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