Mobile Solutions for Consumer Engagement

Mobile marketing may be commonplace, but enterprises are limited by siloed solutions that don’t enable personalization of special offers, coupons and rewards. Enterprises must look to multi-channel communications for answers.


Billions of mobile coupons will be delivered and redeemed this year. With an estimated 29.5 million coupon users, retailers not using the mobile channel are missing a key opportunity to engage and retain customers.

Time-based promotions, updates and exclusive offers are crucial to driving engagement and sales with today’s on-the-go consumers. Armed with quick and easy comparison tools, the consumer’s final purchase decision may be the result of one targeted offer that arrives at just the right moment.

While mobile marketing is commonplace, consumers expect personalized communications. They do not want their devices flooded with low-value messages. They want information and offers based on individual preferences and expressed interests. Enterprises are challenged to meet this need because their mobile solutions are siloed; they lack the integration that supports delivery of targeted, multi-channel communications.

Solution: Enhance the customer experience through multi-channel mobile communications

OpenMarket’s Mobile Engagement Platform powers multi-channel communications that enable you to personalize offers, drive loyalty and extend in-store experiences to capture mind and market share.

Through personalized messages sent via SMS, MMS, push, email and voice, you can engage customers with targeted day-of promotions, exclusive offers, sale reminders, coupons and personalized greetings. These can be tailored for each recipient and distributed automatically across a variety of communication channels.

By leveraging the platform’s built-in logic and intelligence, you can send targeted, time-sensitive offers without having to plan for geographical time zones, and avoid disruptive middle-of-the-night or early morning deployments.

To meet the changing needs of mobile consumers, companies must be equipped with multi-channel tools to manage and deploy time-sensitive offers and targeted promotions.

Benefits: Deliver messages, drive sales

OpenMarket’s multi-channel platform enables enterprises to:

  • Manage and deploy SMS, MMS, push, email and voice communications
  • Send simultaneous alerts across multiple channels, reducing the chance of missed messages
  • Instantly distribute mass communications or tailor messages for key target audiences
  • Extend in-store experiences and remain top of mind with consumers
  • Provide alternate channels for direct communications in and out of store
  • Create automated messaging by linking with customer profiles for personalized greetings
  • Close sales faster by alerting customers when items are left in their shopping carts

Mobile Engagement in Action: When push comes to pullover or, in this case, cardigan.

A woman has her eye on a particular sweater at her favorite retailer. Having downloaded the retailer’s app, she adds the sweater to her wish list. Leveraging OpenMarket’s Mobile Engagement Platform, the retailer has set a trigger to send an exclusive offer via push and email once her wish list items have exceeded seven days. Out running errands the next week, the woman receives a push notification offering a limited-time coupon for her sweater. Delighted at the opportunity to purchase the cardigan at a lower price, she quickly heads to the nearest retail location to redeem the offer.

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