Add a new dimension to your mobile campaigns

As one of the hottest mobile services on the market today, Location-Based Service (LBS) is an information and entertainment service that utilizes the geographical position of a consumer’s mobile device. LBS services include identifying a location of a person or object, such as discovering the nearest banking cash machine, the whereabouts of a friend or employee, or the location of a parcel package. LBS can also include mobile commerce in the form of coupons or advertising directed at customers based on their current location. Other examples are personalized weather services and location-based games.

At OpenMarket, we make it easy for you to integrate your existing SMS/MMS/Voice or Video services with LBS functionality, adding a whole new dimension to your mobile campaigns.

OpenMarket’s LBS services are currently only available in the U.K.

Key benefits:

  • Broad UK mobile network coverage – one integration provides market coverage
  • Support for high transmission rates
  • Simple integration supported through a range of protocols

How it works:

After submitting a request to locate a certain mobile number, the mobile operators’ location platforms provide a result that contains X and Y coordinate values in GPS/WGS84 format, as well as an accuracy radius. The size of the total area of the calculated cell is commonly smaller in urban areas and larger in less populated areas.

If you are hosting your own application, then OpenMarket will return the location data to you via the Internet, using a simple interface of your choice (HTTP or HTTP/XML).

Target customers:

LBS is for companies wanting to leverage location information within their messaging campaigns, premium programs or mobile applications. LBS information supports programs such as:

  • Where’s my nearest…?
  • Mobile Marketing and couponing
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Social Networking / Gaming
  • Logistics