If you currently offer IVR capabilities, OpenMarket’s Telephony Platform provides a diverse set of numbering and connectivity options to help you deliver audio and video services to your customers. These features are currently available only in the United Kingdom.

  • Voice Short Codes – these easy to remember 5 digit numbers are available across mobile operator networks at a variety of tariffs of up to £5 per minute.
  • Video Short Codes – access two-way video content by video-calling a memorable 5 digit number from your 3G handset. Calls may be billed by drop charge up to £5, and/or at tariffs of up to £5 per minute.
  • Premium Rate Numbers – offered at a range of tariffs from 25p to £1.5 per minute.
  • Local and National rate numbers – callers pay no more than they would for a normal local or national call
  • Free-Phone numbers – These phone numbers are free to the end user

These numbers can be routed to your IVR systems over the internet as VOIP using standards-compliant SIP, or over the PSTN as you require. Alternatively, your services may be hosted by the OpenMarket IVR Platform.

In addition to the numbering, the OpenMarket Telephony platform also offers the following features:

  • High Availability – Carrier grade reliability using a groundbreaking ‘cloud-based’ architecture.
  • Perfect Interoperability – seamless integration with the codecs and protocols of your existing telephony infrastructure, including:
    • G.711, GSM, AMR, H.263, MPEG-4, H.264, VP8 codecs.
  • Flexible Routing – Calls may be routed to different endpoints based on arbitrary rules (e.g. load balancing, failover routing).
  • Call Monitoring and Archiving – calls may be archived and/or exposed for realtime monitoring for compliance purposes.
  • Video Call Conversion – 3G video calls are transparently converted to standard VOIP protocols whilst retaining maximum quality.

Numbering & Connectivity