Black Friday and Cyber Monday break mobile messaging records

Marketers turn to SMS and MMS to cut through the sales noise

OpenMarket – December 4, 2020

When prices go down and email inboxes fill up, it can only mean one thing…Black Friday.

Okay, maybe two things: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In this pandemic year, armchair retail activity in the US was more intense than ever.

And the record-breaking use of mobile messaging was particularly notable. It seems retail marketers are accelerating their move from the email inbox to the messaging inbox – and we’ve got the numbers to prove it.

Massive message volumes

In terms of daily traffic, SMS reached new heights on Black Friday, with around 328 million messages sent across OpenMarket’s network.

But the record was broken again on Cyber Monday when we saw SMS traffic hit around 340 million messages.

Let’s put this in perspective. The population of the US is around 330million. So what’s driving this unprecedented engagement with mobile messaging?

Tracey Milham, OpenMarket’s global marketing leader, said: “There are a few different factors at play: Paid digital is becoming more expensive and brands are looking for new ways to reach customers more cost-effectively. And while email can be a noisy channel, SMS offers a place to reach customers that’s less cluttered, more immediate, and more trusted.”

MMS breaking through

It wasn’t just SMS that broke records this year. MMS (which lets you send messages with pictures and short videos) is a relatively old technology. But its use in marketing is exploding.

A few years ago, OpenMarket delivered several hundred thousand on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This compares with over 30 million on these days in 2020.

If you want to join the marketers who are making the most out of MMS, here’s a good place to start: we’ve put together a visual guide full of MMS marketing use cases for inspiration.

What comes next?

Next year, we expect the rise in SMS and MMS use to continue, with more rich messaging formats making an impact too.

Whether it’s SMS, MMS or rich messaging formats, the common denominator driving the growth of mobile messaging sales campaigns is the direct line to customers that no other channel can rival.

OpenMarket’s indigo multi-channel messaging platform can help marketers bring together SMS, MMS, RCS and other messaging formats – creating their own multi-channel campaigns without needing a team of technical experts for backup.

It’s easier for marketers to get started than you might think.

The indigo platform has a new tool that helps marketers with no technical knowledge quickly build mobile messaging conversations. One exciting part of indigo is indigo Create, the interaction builder where you can easily set up automated conversation at scale.

Learn more about how Create could help you build engaging messaging campaigns. Speak to an expert.

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