Make sure your SMS and MMS campaigns comply with carrier rules

It’s not as hard as you think to meet carrier approval – when you know how.

OpenMarket – May 6, 2021

With a nearly 100% open rate, text messaging has proven itself the form of communication most welcomed by consumers.

But many brands aren’t maximizing the opportunities this direct line to consumers (or employees) offers. Why? Often it’s because mobile messaging is viewed as a heavily regulated space. Rules and regulations can seem complex, variable (by region and by carrier), and need to be scrupulously navigated.

This is of course one of the very reasons the channel has become so favoured by consumers and businesses alike over the past few years. Strict rules keep mobile messaging a relatively spam-free, fast, frictionless and reliable line of communication to audiences.

Navigating the rules

So how can you ensure that campaigns are swiftly approved by carriers and continue to adhere to operator rules?

First, the bad news: there are no shortcuts. A little less haste at the beginning will always mean more speed later on. But the good news is, whether you’re using short codes, 10-digit long codes, or text-enabled toll-free, achieving (and maintaining) the approval of all the major US operators needn’t be as arduous as you might expect.

In the most simple terms, carrier and industry rules exist to ensure that people only receive the SMS and MMS communications they want to get from businesses.

As a brand, this starts with knowing whether your proposed program has an acceptable use case. If you’re unsure about these, download our at-a-glance guide on SMS and MMS use cases approved by US carriers.

We’ve outlined the campaign approval process in this guide to getting SMS and MMS campaigns approved by US carriers, so you can see how straightforward it can be to meet regulatory and industry requirements. Essentially, we’re all working towards the same result here: 100% (or near as) deliverability of messages, across all required regions, and at scale.

Another option for you is to check out our Comply, Control and Connect on demand Q&A webinar. In this session a team of OpenMarket experts answers common questions about SMS and MMS compliance. It was a session attended by marketing platforms and agencies, but the questions answered and principles outlined are relevant for most large businesses that send messages in the US.

Watch the webinar



Carriers are now further protecting the messaging ecosystem with the long-awaited sanctioned numbers for A2P (Application-to-Person) 10-digit long codes (10DLC).

All the major carriers – Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile (including Sprint) – are live with the number that’s been specially designed for automated business messaging. Our SMS and MMS compliance guide also covers the essentials of sending 10DLC traffic.

You can drill deeper into which number is right for your business messaging needs here.

If you need help getting your SMS and MMS campaigns up and running fast, the resources listed above should help. Or you can talk directly to one of our experts. Just drop us a line below.

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