Culture and values

Our culture is what makes us us.

Everyone of our employees is different. But everyone here has a few things in common. OpenMarket people are…

– Super-smart
– Easy to get along with
– Comfortable with their inner geek
– And entirely ego-free

All that adds up to a working environment where we can do great work and have fun doing it. Plus, it’s an atmosphere where we trust each other and feel empowered to make a difference – come up with new ideas, own those ideas and see them through.

Our core values

Each of our offices is slightly different – but there’s always an emphasis on events and activities that make people feel welcome and included.

But we believe you work to live, not live to work. That means our people have the freedom and flexibility to make their work fit into their lives and keep a healthy work/life balance.

Value people

We recruit and develop individuals who contribute to our success. We recognize people based on their contribution and commitment.

We create a fun and stimulating environment where people enjoy working.

Be authentic

We foster positive working relationships by acting sincerely and honestly. We encourage open communication and respect each other.

We seek to resolve conflicts by understanding different perspectives.

Take ownership

We take pride in OpenMarket by being responsible and accountable for our actions. We are curious and ask questions.

We have a bias for action with calculated risk.

Deliver as a team

We create an inclusive environment where everyone contributes. We manage and adapt to change, learning quickly from our mistakes.

We collaborate to succeed.

The women of OpenMarket

We know that coding and IT is a male-dominated world. We also know that there’s no good reason for this – and it’s on us to do something about it.

At OpenMarket we have a company-wide commitment to supporting women who work in IT. In London, for instance, we partner with Women Who Code – a discussion and best practice forum for women in IT and in the US we have scholarships for women studying Computer Science.

Read the stories below from some of our talented female colleagues.

Nerys' story

Nerys is a Senior Account Manager supporting some of our largest Enterprise & Strategic accounts.  She handles the day-to-day customer communication and serves as a liaison between customers and internal teams to maximize the partnerships.

Nerys’ priorities? Well that’s simple,  exceeding customer expectations and providing them with the insight to profoundly impact their business.

Diversity at OpenMarket

Diversity is incredibly important to us and we’re working hard to achieve a gender balanced company. We’re not where we want to be yet – but we’re going in the right direction. At a global level, everyone at OpenMarket has diversity training in unconscious bias.

Since we started our gender equality initiative we’ve had a 30% increase in female representation in tech roles and a 12% increase across the business as a whole. We want those numbers to get better every year.

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