Mobile network operators in the US now support A2P messaging from approved 10-digit long codes. This pertains to you if you are currently:

  • Sharing use of a short code either for multiple, different use cases or with other businesses
  • Using a long code (a.k.a. virtual mobile number) to send P2P messages
  • Using a short code but not getting the value from it based on cost

The development and roll-out of 10DLC has been lengthy and complicated, and many businesses we talk to are unclear about whether it's a good match for their messaging needs. To help you understand 10DLC, we've compiled a collection of FAQs. These are organized into several groups to make them easier to scan.

In addition to the FAQs, check out our 10DLC Videos.

What is 10DLC and does it affect me?

What's the process for getting set up with 10DLC?

Understanding brand registration and vetting scores

Campaign submission

How throughput is allotted

What is spam filtering and how does it relate to 10DLC?