Acquire a Number

You can acquire a number for 10DLC in one of two ways:

  • Buy a new number
  • Use a long code you already own

Note: In order to access the 'buy number' and 'migrate number' features, your user account must have permission. If you do not see the Buy a Number button or the Bring Your Own Number button, contact your OpenMarket account manager and they'll set up your account straightaway.

Buying a new number

  1. Click Buy a Number from the main page. A new page displays.
  2. Enter an area code and search. You'll see a list of available numbers. If no numbers are returned, this means the mobile operator servicing that area code does not have any numbers available for purchase.
  3. Select the numbers you want to purchase. You'll see a pop-up asking you to confirm the purchase. (The cost will be applied to your next OpenMarket invoice.)
  4. Click Confirm Purchase to continue. You'll see another pop-up showing the number you purchased and the country and state it's in, then you'll be taken to the details page for the number.

Your next step is to create a campaign brief. As part of that step you will register your brand. You only need to do this once per company.

Note: If you enter an area code and no numbers are returned, this could be a communication problem between OpenMarket and our supplier. Try again in a few minutes and if the problem persists, contact your OpenMarket account manager.

Using a number you already own

If you already own a long code and want to configure it on our platform for 10DLC, click the Bring My Own Source button on the main O&C page. (Remember that if you don't see this button you just need to contact your OpenMarket account manager to get permission to it.)

You have two options when migrating a number to 10DLC. You can:

  • Select the Hosting tab if you want to retain ownership of the NNID and be responsible for routing of all MO messages.
  • Select the Migration tab if you want to transfer NNID ownership to us and have us forward MO messages to you.

Both tabs work the same. Simply enter the 10-digit number (including the US country code) or upload a CSV containing the number(s) and click the Submit button.

To complete the steps for setting up the number for 10DLC, return to the main O&C page and click the number you just added. Then from the Details page, click the New Campaign button. This takes you to the forms required for registering both the campaign brief and your brand.