Submit a Campaign

To send A2P messages in the US, certain mobile network operators require that you file a campaign, which provides information about the messages you intend to send.

Originators & Campaigns lets you to create and submit a campaign brief. The information you'll provide includes:

  • Basic information about your campaign
  • The originator (source) you will use to send the messages
  • Information about how end users will opt in
  • Information about how end users can opt out

When you're done entering this information, you can review everything on the Summary page. From there you can go back and edit any of the forms if you need to.

Prerequisite to creating your first campaign

Every campaign must be associated with a brand. A brand is simply information about the company or organization that is sending the messages. Some OpenMarket customers have just one brand while others have several.

When you start to create a campaign, the first piece of information you'll enter is the brand. If you've previously registered your brand then you'll see the name in the drop-down list. If you have not entered it then you will do it as part of the campaign setup. For instructions see Register Your Brand.

Two ways to access the campaign tool

From the main Originators page you can access the campaign tool by:

  • Clicking on the originator number (source number) to view the Originator Details page, and from there you can click the New Campaign button. When you access the tool this way, the source is automatically associated with the campaign you create, so you won't need to specify it.
  • Clicking the Campaign Briefs link under Take Action. When you access the tool this way, you'll need to choose the source for the new campaign.

Both methods work the same in terms of ending on a summary page, from which you can save your new campaign brief. You need to complete the forms serially, but when you're done you'll be able to go back and make corrections if necessary.

Enter basic campaign information

On the first page you'll enter this information: 

  • The brand to associate with the campaign
  • The use case, which represents the type of messaging you plan to do (e.g., promotional marketing, 2FA, political, etc.)
  • The name of your campaign, which may be visible to end users
  • A description of your campaign
  • A sample of the message text you will use
  • A URL to your Terms & Conditions

Campaign Information form

Specify the source

This page lets you choose which source number the campaign will use. If you accessed the Campaign Brief tool through the Originator Details page, then that originator (source number) will be selected. If you accessed the tool through the Campaign Briefs page, select the source number to use.

Specify how end users will opt in

On the Opt-In form you'll provide information about how your end users will opt in to your campaign. The default opt-in method is Keyword, but you can select additional methods as well, including Website, IVR, and Verbal. The form will change depending on which methods you select.

Specify how end users will opt out

On the Opt-Out form you'll provide at least one method that your end users can use to opt out of your campaign. You can enter either an email address or a toll-free number.

Reviewing, saving and submitting your campaign

When you're finished entering all the information required for your brief, the Summary page lets you review everything.

If the Submit button is disabled, click Save. Submit is disabled until all of the major US operators are ready to accept messages from 10DLC originators. We will notify you as soon as the Submit button is enabled.