SMS Dashboards & Reporting


Dashboards & Reporting (D&R) is a web application that provides reports and data visualization tools for customers using OpenMarket's SMS messaging services. In order to use D&R you must be using one of our SMS APIs. If you are using one of these APIs and have been using the Message Activity Reports, you can start using the new D&R reports immediately to create custom reports and dashboards. If you are currently using our UK SMS reports in Partner Centre, please read the release notes for information about whether you can migrate to D&R.

What you can do in Dashboards & Reporting

From your desktop, laptop, or tablet you can use D&R to:

  • Visualize the data most important to you using a variety of widgets
  • Create custom reports and run them according to your preferred schedule
  • Share reports and dashboards with coworkers

Key features

  • Standard, starter reports generated and delivered by OpenMarket. You can view these reports in a web browser or have them delivered in CSV, XML, or JSON format to an email, HTTPS, FTPS, or SFTP destination of your choice.
  • Custom reports designed by you (or by OpenMarket on your behalf), with just the data you need, and generated and delivered according to your schedule.
  • Optional email notification when your reports have run and are available to view.
  • Data visualization widgets based on standard or custom reports and using the specific data fields and filters you need.
  • Numerous ways to visualize data, including bar and column , line and line column, scatter, and pie charts, and table, list, and geo-map.
  • Ability to apply drill-down and data aging to a widget.
  • Ability to share reports and dashboards with teams or individuals.
  • Ability to access and view Dashboards & Reporting from your PC, laptop, or tablet.

Watch our Getting started video

Our Quick Tour video introduces you to the features of Dashboards & Reporting and demonstrates how to build a reporting dashboard.

Quick Tour

This video introduces you to the main features of Dashboards & Reporting, including reports, dashboards and data visualization widgets. We give an overview of these features and show you how to build a dashboard using both standard and custom widgets.

Helpful resources

When you're first starting to use Dashboards & Reporting, we encourage you to:

  • Look through the documentation to get familiar with the various features.
  • Make a copy of a standard report and put it in My Folder (where only you can see it). You can use the copy to practice. You can always delete copies if you don't want to keep them—without impacting anyone else.

Always feel free to contact your OpenMarket account manager with questions, or OpenMarket Support with any problems you may encounter.