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Webinar Q&A

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Q. What is the timeline to sunset current shared codes?

A. We do not know yet for each carrier, T Mobile has said it will not be before March 1st 2021. They also want to perform an analysis of the shared codes running on our network to see what the level of effort it’s going to be before we get that date. AT&T hasn’t provided anything yet.

Q. Do you know the ETA for Tier 1’s to have MMS working on 10DLC?

A. T-Mobile will support it at launch, we don’t have what the pass-through fees will look like. They are not charging during the soft launch. AT&T will support MMS at a later date.

Q. If we had a number that was not in the high-speed score/ Tier with TMO and it had the 2000 messages a day limit, could we use multiple 10DLC to get a higher message per day total bandwidth?

A. No, trying to get around daily message quotas by rotating through numbers is prohibited. If you need higher throughput, the brand will need to be third-party vetted.

Q. How do we provision a large number of 10DLC’s in the meantime until the provisioning portal is available?

A. We can do bulk orders of numbers manually. Please reach out to your account manager if you need to bulk order numbers.

Q. Are the limits per day, per 10DLC number or per brand?

A. After clarification, I misspoke during the webinar. Daily message quotas are based on the brand. One brand can have multiple campaigns but they will only ever add up to the daily message quota for that specific brand.

Q. Do you think it will support MMS by the prospective March 1st shared code sunset?

A. MMS should be available by then and as soon as we have dates we will provide them. Please also note that the sunset date for shared codes isn’t necessarily March 1st, 2021. It may be later but will be no earlier on T-Mobile. AT&T has not yet provided a date.

Q. What will the vetting scores associated with 10DLC be?

A. Please see relevant tables here.

Q. Can you confirm if it’s possible to migrate long codes?

A. Yes, migrating long codes will be possible.

Q. Will 10DLC support MMS?

A. Are the limits per day, per 10DLC number or per brand?

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